Ritual Bathing

Self care is an overused term for such an important thing! Sometimes a good soak in the bath is great self care, for other people it’s watering their garden and for others it’s watching some TV after a hard day. Ritual bathing is different to self care, however when the two overlap it’s powerful!

Many magical traditions around the globe and throughout history have used ritual bathing in their practices. A ritual bath just by itself can be a spell, or a ritual bath makes up part of a spell.

So what is it? In simple terms, it’s where you bathe in water with things added for their magical properties, and you set the intention for a particular thing to happen (or not happen). This can be very elaborate or very simple, depending on whether chanting/reciting, various candles and other things are involved.

The ritual bathing I want to introduce you to is pretty simple, so it’s easy for you to use. But it’s also quite profound, because if you have the time to soak in a tub filled with magically infused water AND set the intention to change your energy/mindset and attract what you want – you’re making your own magic. I LOVE combining self care (or making time for myself) with relaxation and magic.

I’m pretty short on time lately, bubs keeps me super busy and doesnt like not having mu full attention for too long. This means long soaks in the tub aren’t very relaxing, or magically productive, for me as I hear my daughter crying for mama. Sure, I take her in the bath with me but again, not really possible to do visualization while making sure bubs is clean and keeps her face above the water. So I’ve taken to ritual showering, and have started making soaps with things like Himalayan salt and ritual oil blends added.

So it’s definitely possible to incorporate ritual bathing into your life if you have sweet f all time!

Some of my favourite ritual bathing spells include grounding in the present, anti-anxiety/calming, boosting my confidence, manifesting physical things like a new home, and healing. Healing bath rituals are twofold amazing as the water, epsom salts and certain herbs and oils physically soothe you while you direct your spiritual and mental energy to healing yourself. It’s the same with stress!


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