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I founded Apothecary Magicka in 2017 because I wanted to bring more light into your life and EMPOWER you to help and heal yourself. I'm a Reiki Master, crystal healer, light worker and visual artist. I've been practising magic for two decades and am an ecclectic witch (don't try and categorise me, I won't fit in a box lol).

Hey! My name is Amy Mills and I run Apothecary Magicka from my home in Foxton, New Zealand.

This is a small family business, with my husband, toddler daughter and occasionally our cats Sage and Meowlner helping out (or providing distractions and entertainment, whichever lol). I’m also very lucky I have 2 amazing step kids who are super supportive and willing to be my guinea pigs with bath bombs and other experiments.

I started Apothecary Magicka in 2017 while I was living in Melbourne, Australia. When I moved back to New Zealand I left my healing studio and most of my possessions, so it’s taken me a while to get to the point where I can start helping people again!

In early 2017 I was going through some massive life changes and studying Reiki, and noticed how much I was able to help others with my healing jewellery, Reiki and spell work advice. My obsession with crystals and essential oils was just growing stronger and stronger and I found myself being pulled to help more people than just friends, family and acquaintances. So, I decided to take the plunge, put in some wholesale orders for crystals, oils and other healing supplies and change my career path from artist to light worker!

I have been studying, experimenting with and practising magic since I was a teen. Some of my family are also witches/druids, the rest are a bit too crazy so I don’t have much to do with them (boundaries are one of the most powerful forms of magic!)

I have so much to say in this section of my website, but I’m really struggling right now as baby shark is playing on repeat so my darling daughter gives me a bit of a chance to get some stuff done….

I am a Reiki Master, I studied under Lisa Powers. At the moment I don’t offer Reiki sessions in person but I have plans to offer distance healing soonish! I have also studied Crystal Healing and am slowly completing a professional aromatherapy course. Check out my qualifications here

My ‘magic’ or the witchcraft I practice is eclectic – so I draw from various sources and inspirations rather than follow a formal set or beliefs and customs. My heritage is Scottish/Pictish, kiwi and I was raised christian. I practice light magic – which is a nice way of saying I do things to help rather than harm. I avoid cultural appropriation and don’t ‘borrow’ things from closed practices, so you won’t find these things on my website. My Reiki training however is Usui Ryoho Reiki and is much more formal than my magical practice! When I work with chakras I draw from my Reiki training.

What I offer through Apothecary Magicka is a way to empower yourself with easy to do, long lasting magic. It’s a form of what I describe as ‘active meditation’, so manifesting things using not only visualisation and meditation but also physical aids and symbolism as well as magical symbols and talismans. I call it ‘real magic’, because my aim is to teach you to make LASTING changes in your life by changing your spiritual and mental ENERGY. What you focus on, you attract kind of thing. So I don’t offer ‘love spells’, I offer ways for you to love yourself more everyday and open the way to receive the romantic love you deserve.

Reiki Master Amy Mills
My goal with Apothecary Magicka is to give you the tools and information you need to help you create the life you want and deserve, by using a little bit of magic, everyday. This includes things like bathing rituals (the ultimate in self care), crystal bracelets (combining mindfulness, intent and crystal healing - powerful!), and very simple spells you can do yourself.

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