Reiki Master Amy Mills

Amy's Qualifications

I am a certified Reiki Master, certified Crystal Healer and an experienced witch and light worker.

I am not formally trained in magic – there aren’t any recognised ‘formal training’ or qualifications (outside of religious ones) to be a witch or light worker! However I have been practising for over 2 decades and have manifested a lot of amazing things in my life, including my health, mental health and my wonderful husband and daughter


I completed my Reiki training and attained Master Level ‘Shinpiden’ in April 2018. You can view my credentials here

I studied Usui Ryoho Reiki under Lisa Powers,

Reiki Master Amy Mills
Reiki Master Amy Mills

My Reiki Lineage:

  • Mikao Usui
  • Chujiro Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
  • Bethel Phaigh, Diane McCumber, Marlene Schilke, Cherie Prasuhn, Leah Smith, Phyliss Furumoto (all taught)
  • William Rand
  • Elizabeth Gilberg
  • William Tupkal,Ann Mayner
  • Pam Shelly
  • Lisa Powers
  • Amy Mills

I am also a member of the International Reiki Organisation

Crystal Healing

I have almost always used crystals in my practice and my healing, however I completed a formal course in December 2018 and am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner.


I’m slowly completing a formal course in aromatherapy. I do not intend to practice as an aromatherapist, I just want to learn more! Currently I select oils mostly for their magical properties however there is a large overlap between the magical properties of oils and their aromatherapy benefits! I have researched quite a bit and had some failed experiments too, so I definitely have a solid understanding of essential oil safety.

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