medicine vs magic

Medicine Vs Magic

rituals, everyday magic and energy healing are complimentary to western medicine. Energy Healing and Everyday magic are amazing tools to use alongside western medicine and therapy, never instead of.

what is everyday magic

What is Everyday Magick?

Everyday magic, or ‘real magic’ as I sometimes call it, is bringing magical practices into your daily routine and doing spell work in simple, practical ways.
Everyday magic is manifesting changes in your life by using magic, and using it as often as possible.

Ritual Bathing

Self care is an overused term for such an important thing! Sometimes a good soak in the bath is great self care, for other people it’s watering their garden and for others it’s watching some TV after a hard day. Ritual bathing is different to self care, however when the two overlap it’s powerful! Many magical traditions around the globe …

What Is Reiki?

What Is Reiki?

eiki is a method of bringing harmony and balance to the body and mind. Not just for us humans, Reiki is also amazing for plants, animals, spaces, things and events. Reiki is energy, and it is only good.