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Apothecary Herbs & Resins

This is a temporary post thingy until I get sorted properly. But this is what I currently have in stock/dried and ready to bottle (on 17/06/2021):

What’s In The Mystery Boxes

Every box is totally different and curated intuitively and individually. So no two boxes will be alike, some are not even in boxes, and some have things created especially for that box

apothecary Magicka may 2021 spell box in box

Earthing Grounding Box – May 2021

The May box was designed to help you ground yourself and de-stress by connecting to earth. After the harvests, most of our land starts to go dormant – leaves have fallen from deciduous trees and lay on the damp ground, composting and slowly returning to earth. The harsh summer sun is replaced with storms and chilly nights and a sense of resting. While we don’t always get to hibernate or rest with the seasons we can still take some time out, rest, and connect with earth. So May’s box was all about earth. Connecting with earth, with nature, taking some time out and grounding yourself in the physical, being present in the moment.

apothecary Magicka cleansing and charging your crystals

Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

The majority of the crystals you work with, wear, and hoard I mean display around your home and workspace will pick up energy. You don’t really want all that energy attached to them, especially protective stones as they can often protect you by absorbing negativity and ill intent. The energy they collect isn’t necessarily always bad, but it may not be aligned with what you’d like to work with your crystal for. Allowing people to touch your crystals, using them for healing and wearing them can all cause your gemstones to pick up extra energies.

apothecary Magicka april 2021 samhain magick box flat lay

The Samhain Box – April 2021

The April box was all about Samhain, with a focus on divination and a sprinkling of kitchen witchery. It’s said the veil is thinnest at Samhain, giving us easier access to ‘the other side’ and the divine. Divination is useful to gain more insight into a situation (past, present & future), to help you determine the best course of action – including the best spell & best intention for your spell. Any magickal workings are much more effective with knowledge and a strong, suitable intention.

what is a healing crisis

What Is A Healing Crisis?

We have to crash before we ascend…
I don’t really know how to explain a healing crisis if I’m completely honest. But its something that happens to a lot of us when we dig deep, searching for the root cause of an issue or imbalance within ourselves, and start to heal. To oversimplify, sometimes things seem to get a lot worse before they start getting better – especially when you’re dealing with deep spiritual or magical healing.

apothecary Magicka february magic box flat lay

The February 2021 Box

The Feb box honoured the moon and was all about clearing and protection

With DIY moon water, a ritual bath, a clearing & protection room spray DIY (as part of the spell) and a pretty moon necklace. I went a bit overboard on these boxes if I’m honest lol. The Magick boxes included an altar cloth/wall hanging of the moon, a new moon ritual candle and even a mini besom.