The Magick Box


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New Zealand’s magick, witchy, pagan subscription box! A new spell in every box and witchy items to build your supplies.

**Sold out – message me if you’d like to be added to the waitlist**

Orders for the next monthly box close August 1st and it ships out August 15th

Order your seasonal box by September 1st to get the Ostara box, shipping out September 15th

Handcrafted in New Zealand for New Zealand witches and pagans. Designed with your help and curated by a white witch, Reiki master & crystal healer.

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New Zealand’s magick, witchy, pagan subscription box!

**Sold out – message me if you’d like to be added to the waitlist**

THE NEXT MONTHLY BOX SHIPS OUT ON AUGUST 15 - order before August 1st

THE NEXT SEASONAL BOX SHIPS OUT ON September 15 IN TIME FOR Ostara - order before September 1st

Designed for NZ and curated by an eclectic witch, Reiki master & crystal healer. This is a non-denominational box.

We all like to respect the earth with our practices and the box does too. Plastic packaging is used as minimally as possible if at all. Local, handmade products will also be in every box. The contents and value of the box changes each month but the minimum retail value is  around $65, plus all the things that are really hard to put a price on (like a dried apple slice decoration, all the bits of paper for your BOS loaded with information, and just the right amount of herbs for your spell).

Choose the monthly spell box and save around 10%, or get yours seasonally for Litha/Midsummer, Mabon, Yule and Ostara. Every box is different and curated around the theme to manifest!

Shipping is $12.50 by courier, rural delivery an extra $4. Shipping within New Zealand only and free shipping or AfterPay isn’t available for the subscription boxes sorry! Shipping will probably increase in June/July to whatever Courier Post put their price up to 🙂 If you want to order other things and have them shipped out WITH your box on the 15th instead of paying extra for shipping, please send me a message and we can totally organise this 🙂

You’ll get an email before the 1st of the next month – or 1st month in the next season (eg. June 1st for the Winter Solstice/Yule box) – to organise payment for your next box.

** Order by the end of the month to get the following month’s box ** So for the January box, you need to order before January 1st