medicine vs magic

Medicine Vs Magic

What’s the difference between medicine and magic?

A lot. Heaps. Soooo much. lol

But seriously, it should never be one or the other. There is magic in everything, including your morning cuppa – it’s a lovely ritual you can start your day with that also helps you feel awake and occasionally helps you function like a real person. Medicine, western medicine including GP’s and specialists and prescriptions and physios and psychotherapists – all of those amazing things should never be ignored in favour of a magical solution, energy healing, thoughts and prayers or a home remedy.

I’m sorry, I know that could be an unpopular opinion. But rituals, everyday magic and energy healing are complimentary to western medicine. Energy Healing and Everyday magic are amazing tools to use alongside western medicine and therapy, never instead of. They are not a substitute for medical advice or therapy, instead they should work in harmony – they are complimentary not alternatives <3

If you need help with healing your emotions, definitely look at some DIY ways you can help yourself, absolutely get that crystal necklace and wear it knowing it’s helping your energy. And tell your therapist about it and how it helps you feel less stressed, how you use it to bring your thoughts back to the present when you’re freaking out. Ask your therapist for other ideas on incorporating mindfulness practice into your days. If you don’t have a therapist but you feel you could really use some help, or if you’re struggling, please go and talk to your GP. Please. The same goes with your physical health!

There’s also some really great helplines available in New Zealand that you can call:

Lifeline 0800 543 354

Depression Helpline 0800 111 757 or text 4202

General mental health: 1737 (you can text this number too)

And if you feel like your GP or specialist isn’t helping you with your health the health and disability advocates might be able to help

Wishing you the best health,


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